A E Skin 2022 Holiday Party

We were excited to host our Holiday Party on Thursday December 1, 2022 6-8 PM in our office. Keep reading to learn more.

Holiday Party

Before the Covid pandemic, we had been having an annual Holiday Party in the office for over ten years. Due to restrictions, we were unable to host such events. But this year, we finally were able to have a party again. Our annual Holiday Party is an event where we host our patients to a fun night in the office. We had light refreshments kindly supported by our partners at Allergan, Alastin, and Upneeq.

Live Demonstrations

Although we were planning to have multiple demonstrations, unfortunately two of the models were sick and were unable to make it. But we did perform two treatments on another model. The first treatment was the Weekend Peel, a laser treatment that provides gentle exfoliation and gives you a glow. The recovery for the Weekend Peel is no more than two to three days, hence the name.

The second demonstration was our new favorite treatment: the Instaglow Facial. The Instaglow Facial uses a small vial to infuse a customized blend of antiaging ingredients into your skin. The cap has tiny needles that create tiny micro-channels in your skin, allowing the products to penetrate. There’s no down time with the Instaglow Facial, and you’ll see an immediate glow after your treatment. Ideally, you want a series of six Instaglow Facial treatments done every one to two weeks followed by a single maintenance treatment every one to three months.

Specials, Red Carpet, and Contests

We were excited to offer exclusive specials on all products and services. As prices for everything are going up, it gave our patients a chance to pre-invest in their treatments and save. We also rolled out the red carpet for photo opportunities for all guests. In addition, we had our Botox vial contest where guests would guess how many Botox vials were in the jar. The winner received 10 units of Botox.

Highlight of the Night

The highlight of the night was the end where we had our raffle prizes and best dressed contest. We raffled off many prizes including A E Skin products, Alastin products, and treatments including the Instaglow Facial, #nofilter treatment, and Botox. At the end, everyone went home with a gift bag including products and chocolates. We were very excited to again have a party and we look forward to more events again in the future!

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