New Botox Technique for Improved Results

Did you know that there’s a new Botox technique to make your results better and longer-lasting? Keep reading to learn more.

What is Botox?

Botox is a purified protein used to treat wrinkles caused by facial expressions. Botox can also be used to treat other things such as migraine headaches and excessive sweating. One of the most common areas where Botox is used is to treat horizonal forehead wrinkles, the ones you see when you raise your eyebrows. Botox works by relaxing the muscles responsible for creating the wrinkles. You’ll see initial results from your Botox treatment in a few days and full results by two weeks. Botox is placed in the muscle or the skin overlying the muscle to relax it.

Where is Botox placed?

Depending on the area, Botox can be placed in the surface of your skin or sometimes deeper. For example, Botox can be used to treat crow’s feet, these are the wrinkles you see around your eyes when you smile or squint. The muscle treated here is just under the skin, very close to the surface. So in this area, the Botox needs to be place just under the skin, or even within the skin if possible. If the Botox is placed too deep in this area you run the risk of affecting a different muscle which can cause an asymmetric smile. On the other hand, when Botox is used to treat frown lines between your eyebrows it needs to be placed deeper. This is because the muscles in this area are deeper.

When Botox is used in the upper forehead to treat horizontal forehead wrinkles, it has traditionally been placed close to the surface, just under the skin. This minimizes pain when it hits the sensitive areas on the bone. However, newer research has shown that when the Botox is placed deeper, closer to the bone, it has more of an effect on the muscle. This makes the wrinkles disappear more easily and it allows the results to last longer. Based on this research, Dr. Alex is now using a slightly modified technique in this area. The needle is injected deeply until it touches the bone. Then it’s withdrawn about a millimeter so that the Botox is placed on the deep surface of the muscle.

Dr. Alex always participates in educational activities such as conferences to learn these new techniques. He learned this one by watching videos from a virtual conference held in Europe. It turns out that in other countries different products are available and different techniques are used. It’s through sharing knowledge at such events that allow for other people to provide better and better results.

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