Laser Bruise Treatment

Did you know that we offer complimentary laser bruise treatments if you get a bruise from any injectable treatment? Keep reading to learn more.

What is a bruise?

A bruise is simply a red to blue appearance on your skin as a result of blood leaking. Your blood is pumped by your heart throughout your body. It starts in large arteries and then goes to small capillaries where gas is exchanged in your tissues. Then the blood is brought back to you heart through veins. If any of these vessels gets punctured, the blood can leak into the tissue. When this happens in your skin, you see the blood as a bruise.

How do you get a bruise from a treatment?

Any time you inject a needle into your skin bruising is possible. This can be from a simple blood draw or vaccination. Or it can be from an injectable treatment such as Botox, fillers (Voluma, Vollure, Volbella, Juvederm, etc.), Kybella for stubborn fat, or Qwo for cellulite. You have thousands of tiny blood vessels in your skin. Many of them are microscopic and too small to see. If a needle hits any of these vessels you can get a bruise. To decrease the bruising, you can immediately put pressure on the area and cool it with an ice pack. You can also use arnica or and anti-bruise pad to minimize the risk for bruising. Bruises normally go away on their own within two weeks or so. But you can speed it up with a laser bruise treatment.

How do lasers work to treat bruising?

Certain lasers use a special wavelength or color of light that is absorbed by the blood. A bruise is simply blood in the skin. Since the blood is in your skin, it’s on the outer surface of your body and the laser can easily reach it. The light from the laser hits the blood in the bruise. The blood absorbs this energy and the bruise gets destroyed. Often times you’ll see an immediate color change. It could become darker or it could become lighter. Most of the time you’ll see an improvement within the first day. But the bruise could still last a week or so after a laser treatment. Even if it does, it would have lasted much longer without the laser bruise treatment.

If you ever get a bruise from an injectable treatment, you can contact our office the next business day to schedule an appointment for a free laser bruise treatment.

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