Voluma to Treat Hollow Temples

Voluma treatment for hollow templesOne of the most commonly neglected areas for facial rejuvenation is the hollowing in the temples. Voluma is a filler that can be used to correct hollow temples.

Over time there are many changes that occur in the face. These include wrinkle formation, loosening of the skin, and dark spots. Additionally, bony structures change and fat is lost. These changes are very prominent and common in the temples. The bones move inward and the fat pad in the area is lost. This occurs more frequently in thin people who exercise a lot, leading to an appearance of a skeleton in the upper face.

These changes can easily be corrected with filler treatments. Fillers are products that are used to restore lost volume in the face and other areas on the body. Dr. Alex finds that Voluma is the best product in this area. Voluma is a dermal filler in the Juvederm family, the most popular family of fillers in the United States. The active ingredient in Voluma is hyaluronic acid, a sugar that’s found in the skin naturally. Hyaluronic acid binds a thousand times its weight in water so it draws water into the skin providing volume. This helps fill the hollows and provide a natural and healthy appearance.

In contrast to other hyaluronic acid products, Voluma has a high level of hyaluronic acid. This is perfect for placement on bones such as in the temples or upper cheeks. The treatment for the temples is very easy because there is only a single injection point on each side as is seen in the video demonstration shown here. An immediately lift is seen in the area.

Voluma Treatment for Hollow Temples Demonstration

An important advantage of Voluma is that it is safe in the event of side effects. The most concerning side effects occur when a filler is inadvertently placed into an artery, which blocks blood supply to the area. Hyaluronic acid products can be dissolved which allows us to easily treat these types of side effects. On the other hand, non-hyaluronic acid fillers such as Radiesse, Sculptra, and Bellafil cannot be reversed and therefore such side effects are much more dangerous.

Swelling is normal after a Voluma treatment to treat hollow temples. It may also be difficult to chew for a few days because the swelling puts pressure on a muscle in the area that we use to bite. Dr. Alex recommend avoiding heat exposure, alcohol consumption, and strenuous exercise for 24 hours after a Voluma treatment. To reduce swelling after a Voluma treatment Dr. Alex recommends applying ice packs on and off for five minutes at a time as much as possible for the first few days. Sleeping on an extra pillow will reduce the amount of blood brought to the skin overnight and decreases the swelling. Also, avoiding salty foods will prevent your body from retaining water and therefore decrease swelling. Most people require two syringes of Voluma per side. Full results are seen two weeks after the Voluma treatment once the swelling has gone down. The best thing about a Voluma treatment for hollow temples is that you can enjoy the results for two years or more.

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