Alastin TransFORM Body Treatment

Alastin TransFORM Body TreatmentWe are excited to announce our newest product, the Alastin TransFORM Body Treatment. The Alastin TransFORM Body Treatment is an outstanding product that will help tighten the skin and decrease fat in the area.

Non-surgical body contouring has become more and more popular in the last few years. There are many devices and products available to tighten the skin on the body and remove fat. Two of the most common treatments we perform in our office are laser skin tightening and Kybella. Laser skin tightening uses gentle micro-pulses of infrared light to slowly heat the deeper layers of the skin. This stimulates your body to form more collagen and tightens the skin in the area. Kybella is a salt found naturally in the body that is injected into the skin to remove undesired stubborn fat that you can’t get rid of no matter how much you diet or exercise. Common areas of treatment with laser skin tightening include the neck and belly, but just about any area of the body can be treated.

The Alastin TransFORM Body Treatment is a new product that enhances the fat reduction and tightening effects of any of these treatments. The Alastin TransFORM Body Treatment has multiple ingredients to provide these effects. First the Alastin TransFORM Body Treatment contains the proprietary Tri-Hex peptide technology. This stimulates your body to form new collagen and elastin, which serve to tighten the skin and improve the texture of the skin. It also cleans the deeper layers of skin to allow for faster results and more healthy skin. The other active ingredient in the Alastin TransFORM Body Treatment is called Hexapeptide-11. This is a peptide that signals your body to get rid of fat faster. It is designed using a patent pending LipoDRONE delivery system, which allows the Alastin TransFORM Body Treatment to penetrate to the deeper layers where the fat is located.

The Alastin TransFORM Body Treatment is used twice daily. Apply a liberal amount of the Alastin TransFORM Body Treatment on the area of concern and rub it well. It does not have a heavy or oily feeling. The large 6 oz tube will last you three months. You can apply the Alastin TransFORM Body Treatment while getting treatments such as Kybella or laser skin tightening to enhance the results.

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