Chin Augmentation

The chin is a feature of the face that provides symmetry and balance to the rest of the face. A weak chin can affect the appearance of the entire face. Now we can augment a weak chin using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers such as Voluma. This is an outstanding option for those desiring enhancement of the chin without surgery.

What is a weak chin?

Voluma Chin Augmentation before and afterA weak chin is very common and has a decreased forward projection. It is commonly seen in combination with a poorly defined jawline. With age, we lose the volume and projection in the tip of the chin. At the same time, due to loss of collagen and gravity the lower face descends which decreases the jawline definition. This is jowls which appear on the jawline on either side of the chin. Also, fat accumulates under the chin over time forming a double chin, which further reduces the definition of the jawline. Treatment of a weak chin can be complimented by treating the double chin with Kybella.

What is involved in a chin augmentation treatment?

The treatment uses Voluma, which has several properties that make it the ideal dermal filler of choice for this area. Since the bony support structures in this area of the face are being enhanced a firm product such as Voluma is required. Voluma will provide the forward projection desired with a low amount of product. Since Voluma is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler it can be dissolved if the desired results are not achieved. It can also be dissolved in the rare event of an adverse effect.

What will the results of a chin augmentation look like?

Voluma can provide a natural appearance without looking like work was done. The ideal candidate is a person in overall good health who desires more of a projection of the chin and/or an improvement in his/her jawline definition and does not want to undergo surgery. Depending on the individual Dr. Alex will individualize the treatment to provide a pointy or square appearance with a fullness and projection to provide a harmonious balance with the other facial features.

What happens during the chin augmentation treatment?

The treatment itself takes only a few minutes and results are seen instantly. Patients resume their normal activities right away without looking like a treatment was performed. Most patients enjoy their results for one to two years depending on the individual and the amount of product used. In our office, we apply complimentary topical numbing and use a vibrating distractor which is placed on the skin called the Beauty bar to maximize our patients’ comfort.

What are the side effects of a chin augmentation treatment?

Side effects are rare for a chin augmentation treatment. The most common side effects are swelling and bruising, which usually resolve in two weeks. Although most people enjoy the swollen appearance, it can be decreased by applying cold compresses such as ice packs to the area. We treat bruises with a laser as early as the next day, which makes the bruise resolve usually in one to three days; however, it could still last a full two weeks. With any injection, there are other risks including, but not limited to, pain, bleeding, redness, tenderness, and infection.

What should I do after a chin augmentation treatment?

After a chin augmentation treatment Dr. Alex recommends that patients avoid heat exposure, alcohol consumption, and strenuous exercise for 24 hours. After that patients may return to their normal activities.

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